Losing Soul Mates

I’ve lost so much of my soul
to what I thought were soul mates.
I fear that once he comes,
I’d have no soul left to give.
That him and I will stand across
each other wondering
why it did not work when
it had every chance to. 



Maybe I saw you in a different light.

Where the flowers were vibrant and new.

I didn’t see that the flowers were beautiful but they were decaying.

Where the waves were hugging the shore.

Had I known that the waves were carefully attacking the shore in hopes of escaping the ocean.
                   It never wanted the shore but it was the only escape.

Maybe the clouds danced in the sky during sunset.

If the clouds only knew that after those colourful minutes would be darkness and a storm waiting to happen.

You showed me that there is beauty in destruction and i don’t know if I should thank you.